A private paradise in the heart of nature by renting a villa in Shab site

A private paradise in the heart of nature by renting a villa in Shab site


The destination here is Mazandaran province and the beautiful city of Kalardasht. If we want to describe the summer cottages in the north of the country in one sentence, we are talking about the existence of an ocean of clouds above the green heights of the summer cottage villages; By going on these heights, you can see wide and spectacular views of Chalus, Mazandaran Sea, and oak forests.

Mazichal is one of the most famous northern resorts, which is located near Kalardasht and 48 km from Chalos. If the journey to Mazichal starts from Chalus road, it should be directed towards Marzan Abad. Then, from Marzan Abad, you should change direction towards Kalardasht. When you reach the main square of Kalardasht, go 7 km from Abbas Abad road to reach Mazichal dirt road. After driving 17 kilometers from this dirt road, the heights and plains of Mazichal will start to show and will draw your heart towards its infinite beauty.

The best time to visit Mazichal is mid-spring to late summer. If you like to experience a night stay in magical nature, the summer season is the best opportunity to get this experience. In this season, the weather is very mild and cool, and you can add excitement to your trip.

In the spring, the conditions are the same; With the difference that the heights of Mazichal, due to the growth of seasonal flowers, take on a stunning beauty and effect, and in combination with the surrounding snowy peaks, they become very spectacular. Another good time to travel to Mazichal is the colorful autumn season; In this season, the forests at the beginning of Mazichal road, with their dreamy and very beautiful scenery, make Mazichal a favorite destination to experience a memorable trip.

spring, summer or autumn; You can choose any of these seasons to travel to the summer and dreamy Mazichal area, without a doubt, you can’t be satisfied with just staying a few hours in this unique and peaceful area. Therefore, it is better to deal with the issue of accommodation before leaving for the destination, so that all the time of your several-day trip can be spent exploring the nature and enjoying the beauty of the Mazichal villa. The purpose of this trip is to get away from the worries of city life and breathe clean air in unique natural landscapes; Therefore, we suggest with North villa for rentLet your trip be all about nature and stay away from everything that has the color of city life for a few days.

Immersed in the blue sky and forest in Sangchal village

Mazandaran province alone is a heavenly land with the most unique natural effects. It rarely or never happens that a trip to the northern geography of the country is not desired by domestic and foreign travelers and tourists. Therefore, when it comes to nature tourism, we take the northern route directly, and usually it is the northern villas that are the most popular among tourists.

Therefore, we will travel around the green city of Amol to reach a mountainous area and a heavenly summer cottage. Here, Sangchal summer village is our destination for a cool and pleasant travel experience. This village is one of the tourist villages and green treasures of Mazandaran province with thick forests and very eye-catching areas.

The neighborhood of Sangchal tourist village with Filband village has made tourists go to this destination with more taste and interest and in the true sense kill two birds with one stone. To visit Filband village, you must go to the southeast of Sangchal village; These two villages are located at a distance of 14 kilometers from each other.

In the northeast of Sangchal village, at a distance of 2.5 km, there is the high village of Get Kala. You can reach this village with a ten-minute drive and enjoy seeing its beautiful scenery and having a conversation with the villagers, and have happy memories in your mind of the multi-faceted destination of the beautiful village of Sangchal.

If we take another look around the village of Sangchal, we will see that the Haraz road and the forest of Elimistan are also not far away from the village. With this account, it is better to stay in Sangchal village for a few days and have a tour around the village, its heights and also visit the surrounding attractions.

If your preference in traveling to the northern regions is to stay in the heart of nature and experience the simple life of rural people instead of staying in city hotels, there are many options for staying in the village, including Forest cottage And native and local houses are at your disposal.

Nature tour in the Arghvan valley of Mashhad


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