A look at all the features of the Android 15 preview version

A look at all the features of the Android 15 preview version

In recent years, smartphone manufacturers have focused on the hardware and performance of their products; But the level of developer access to these powerful hardware is an issue that companies have not paid much attention to. In this way, the operating system decides how much resources to allocate to the application without the intervention of the developer.

Game and app developers in Android 15 have better access to hardware and can directly monitor its performance thanks to Google’s new API called Android Dynamic Performance Framework.

Developers will have better access to the phone’s hardware thanks to Android 15

The mentioned feature can help a lot in running applications and games more efficiently and improving battery consumption. For example, if in Android 14 all graphics cores are engaged to run a certain game or application, in Android 15 the same program can be run by engaging only one graphics core.

Thanks to the new API in Android 15, the developer can specify how and how much hardware the software they have developed can access. This feature promises a significant improvement in the performance of phones and smoother and higher quality applications.

Increasing the level of hardware access is not limited to the CPU, and developers can also directly control the camera to deliver the best possible output. Thus, the quality of photos recorded with the camera in applications such as Telegram and Instagram will not drop.

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