A decade of silence broke; Microsoft revealed Xbox sales figures!

A decade of silence broke;  Microsoft revealed Xbox sales figures!


In a surprising move, Microsoft has finally shared information about the sales volume of the very popular Xbox game consoles. The company had not provided any official sales figures for its consoles for more than a decade. However, the Redmond-based tech giant took the opportunity during the 2023 Best International Games Festival held in Brazil to provide some statistics on Xbox sales.

written by GizmochinaThe total sales of Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X have reached 21 million units by June 2023. This statistic is not so surprising because earlier this year, one of the agencies active in the field of gaming predicted the sale of 22 million Xbox devices.

In comparison, the sale of Sony PlayStation 5, which is considered a direct competitor of Xbox Series X, was about 38.5 million units until May 2023. This statistic is consistent with Microsoft’s statement last year; Where the Redmondi company showed that the sale of Xbox consoles has reached almost half of the sales of PlayStation. Either way, these two companies are still working hard to attract loyal gamers around the world.

In addition, the total sales of Xbox One, which includes the first generation of One S and One X, have exceeded 58 million units, showing that Microsoft did not perform so brilliantly in the last generation of game consoles; Because its competitor, PlayStation 4, has sold more than 117 million devices so far. Even Xbox 360, with more than 85 million units sold, ranks higher than the Xbox One family!

In general, the official publication of Xbox sales figures after a decade is considered a strange event, and it seems that Microsoft has been forced to clarify the sales of its game consoles due to the Activision purchase court.


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