12 to 15 million active members in the field of Iranian cryptocurrency; The daily volume of transactions is three thousand billion tomans


Criticizing some legislations, he said: “We are used to enact laws and then check and see if it was a good law or not.” We, the activists in this field, are trying to be a bit decision makers and not let such things happen.”

Regarding the strong presence of crypto platforms in Elcomp, he explained the reason for this presence and explained: “The cryptocurrency field is not only the star of Elcomp, but also the star of Iran’s startup ecosystem. One of the reasons is the global trend of cryptocurrency markets, and naturally, it can be more popular in inflationary societies. Tek Iran community was also able to use this opportunity and reach a place where they have something to say in the field of cryptocurrency.

Mehdizadeh believes that this industry is very advanced and is progressing and becoming applicable. He says that not only now, but blockchain and crypto can be the star of Iran’s tech market and startups for years to come.

There is a restrictive approach towards cryptocurrencies

Amirhossein Rad, the CEO of Nobitex, also pointed out the changes in the government’s approach to cryptocurrency and said: “In years like 1399 and 1400, there was no common literature and no space for dialogue, and we were worried about whether we would still be able to operate tomorrow or not.” . Now there is an understanding between the concerns and needs, and the ecosystem has grown so much that talking about its elimination has become meaningless, and the government and the government have an understanding of this phenomenon so that they do not make negative and elimination decisions.”

Of course, this does not mean that governance does not create any more restrictions for platforms in this field. Rod explained in this regard: “There are still concerns from the government’s side, but instead of removing and eliminating, the government’s approach has gone towards limitation; Such as the restriction of the shopping portal for cryptocurrency exchanges. The issue of tax on the capital of the cryptocurrency field is another one of these restrictions so that the government can make this field more controllable.

The CEO of Nobitex believes that if the restrictions exceed a certain limit, it will cause damage to the country’s cryptocurrency market: “If these restrictions exceed a certain limit, there is a risk that capital will leave these platforms and go to underground activities.”

Amirhossein Rad also believes that in the last four years, the field of cryptocurrency has grown significantly, but if this growth is to continue, this field should go towards capital decentralization. In addition, the use of artificial intelligence is also the second factor that can help to expand the crypto market:

“Artificial intelligence is an area that will attract a lot of investments. The world is moving in this direction and we must also move towards it. The private sector can enter this field to a certain extent, but it needs support and investment from the government.”

The CEO of Nobitex says that the condition for the crypto market to grow in Iran is to make it more usable and adds: “The more cryptocurrencies are integrated with people’s lives, the bigger this market will be.” This can happen in two ways: internal and external payments with crypto and the discussion of traditional institutions entering the crypto field. These two issues can increase the connection between people and crypto.

Creating restrictions in the field of crypto causes capital to leave the country

Amirhossein Mardani, the CEO of Bitpin, was another panelist who discussed the benefits of cryptocurrency and explained: “Businesses in this field are not only not harmful, but they can generate wealth for those other than themselves. This shows that the field of digital economy owes part of its activities to the field of digital currency.

Despite the importance of this field, Mardani explains that this field has not yet received the attention it needs, so that “50% of Iran’s cryptocurrency market is on domestic platforms and the rest 50% is outside Iran, and capital circulation is done. “People take dollar capital to foreign companies, and the government does not have the concerns about foreign platforms that we have about domestic platforms.” According to him, if the necessary measures are taken by the government and the required support is provided, people will have more trust in the domestic cryptocurrency market and this area will grow more.

Of course, the CEO of Bitpin also points out that even if the restrictions applied in the field of cryptocurrency continue, it will not prevent the activities of people and activists of this market: “There is a stream called technology that people will use in the end. In this market, people find a way to do what they want to do. For example, they buy shares of foreign companies outside of Iran after tokenizing their capital.

Mardani further explained: “Where businesses work in the flow of national interests but are not supported, the result is that the user crosses the limits and invests somewhere outside the country. Of course, this also has risks. Because the capital goes outside of Iran, practically there will be no thread and the problems and risks cannot be followed up.

According to Bitpin’s CEO, 12 to 15 million people are currently involved in the cryptocurrency market in Iran. Of course, he goes on to explain that by entering new fields, this number can be increased: “Using new events in this field, such as the issue of banking based on the field of cryptocurrency, he can make 80 million people customers of this field. “With the potential of this market, it can grow and help other industries and financial markets.”

three thousand billion tomans; Daily volume of transactions in the field of cryptocurrency

Mohammad Hakimi, the CEO of Remzinx, also said in this panel about the activities of crypto platforms: “We exchanges are a private company and it is necessary to continue our activity to make money; But our goal is not only that. We are creating value and presenting it in the best way for inside and outside of Iran.

He believes that cryptocurrency platforms have been able to raise the standards of the financial sector because they do not have the restrictions of traditional institutions in the financial sector: “We provide a 24-hour service in the financial sector and have raised the standard level for other financial sectors in the country. In addition, cryptocurrency businesses have the capacity to reduce the complexity and time-consuming financial activities of other institutions such as banks.

The CEO of Remsinks also pointed to the volume of transactions made in online exchanges and said: “My estimate is the volume of transactions in exchanges that have a website, and the volume of their daily transactions is about 3 thousand billion tomans per day. “The most important factor that will change the conditions of the cryptocurrency market in the future is the global trends of the cryptocurrency market, which is why it is not predictable.”

Financial markets must come to the crypto sphere

Mohammad Ghasemi, CEO of Mazdax, also said about the characteristics of financial institutions in the world: “Financial institutions everywhere in the world move slowly and obsessively. The path of this field is difficult, and the only right thing is to use this capacity of blockchain in the financial field so that we can improve the capacities of assets and financing.”

He also said about the working conditions in Iran’s cryptocurrency field: “We regret the path we have started in this field, but we have no choice but to continue.”

Like other panellists, he believes that Iranian exchanges have provided various features and if the support and legislation are done in this precise area, it will lead to further growth. Ghasemi also explained about other financial institutions as follows: “There are many opportunities in the field of cryptocurrency for the country’s financial markets. Our financial markets are not in a good condition like the stock market, and they have not been able to update themselves with modern technology and developments in the world.

The CEO of Mazdax believes that “if our financial institutions are allowed to invert in this area and use this area as an asset, it can greatly increase the size of the market and increase the amount of capital.” After this space is regulated, this area can definitely expand.”

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