11 jobs that technology took from us!


Artificial intelligence has replaced hundreds of jobs across the United States, and as time passes, it casts more doubt and uncertainty on the future of humanity. This development seems so frightening that even the creator of artificial intelligence has warned about the potential and power of this technology.

The reality is that over the centuries, new technological advancements have overtaken various occupations, paving the way for mass production. This angered people who relied on those jobs. From women working in the textile industry to switchboard operators in the 1970s or when streaming video services replaced physical video stores in the 2000s.

Every technological advancement leads to the destruction of some jobs, followed by public anger. One of the protestors was an economist named Maynard Keynes who coined a term for this phenomenon. He wrote in an article: We have contracted a new disease! And he named it as “technological unemployment”.

Delving into the past can be a good starting point for looking at the future of technology in the 21st century. A report shows that almost 4,000 jobs have been replaced by artificial intelligence in the past month. The fear of continuous advances in artificial intelligence continues and its impact on workers’ livelihoods cannot be ignored; But if the past has anything to offer, it’s that humans can be flexible and adaptable in any situation.

The following occupations have become nearly or completely obsolete due to the inevitable advancements in technology, showing that the past is not so different from the present.

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