10 years have passed since Facebook bought WhatsApp

10 years have passed since Facebook bought WhatsApp

10 years ago, Facebook announced that it bought WhatsApp for $19.6 billion; The news shocked the users and caused deep concerns; Because Facebook did not have reliable privacy and information control policies and used a lot of advertising, which was in conflict with the principles of WhatsApp.

According to Android Authority, many people were unhappy with Facebook’s purchase of WhatsApp, were questioning Facebook’s promises, and were generally not optimistic about the future of their beloved messenger. Some users said that they did not feel good while using Facebook WhatsApp.

The leaving of Facebook by a number of co-founders of WhatsApp and the story of Facebook information scandals had dimmed people’s interest in using WhatsApp. However, it can be said that WhatsApp has taken root in all aspects of the lives of many users and they have experienced many bitter and sweet events with the messenger in question.

After 10 years, WhatsApp is not as bad as many thought and it is still almost without ads; Unlike Instagram, it does not have any annoying feed or algorithm, and you can send your desired content to your friends with a relatively high level of security.

Not only WhatsApp, but Meta (formerly Facebook) seems to have moved away from its decline and is growing steadily. An example is the high acceptance of users from the social network Trades or the success of the Meta Quest 3 headset.

Despite all the skepticism and skepticism surrounding the purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook 10 years ago, in 2024 it seems that this has been a positive and profitable event for both companies.

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