Zarepour: The Supreme Council of Cyberspace is working on the document for the development of artificial intelligence

On the sidelines of the meeting of the government board today (17th of June), Isa Zarepour addressed the issue of the development of artificial intelligence in the country, which has made noise all over the world these days and is said to shape the future of technology.

Declaring that the Supreme Council of Cyberspace is in charge of the work on the development of artificial intelligence, Zarepour said: “The Supreme Council of Cyberspace is in charge of this work and is working on the development of artificial intelligence. “We at the Ministry of Communications have launched an artificial intelligence development center at the Communications Research Institute a year and a half ago.”

This document, which is supposed to be a roadmap for the development of artificial intelligence in the country, considers the development of artificial intelligence as one of the tasks of the devices. The Minister of Communications stated that according to this road map, “all devices are required to calculate the capacities that artificial intelligence provides in that sector for intelligentization.”

He further pointed out that the subject of artificial intelligence development has become a task in the 7th development plan and also, the maximum use of artificial intelligence has been emphasized to create transformation in devices.

Until the end of the year, all services will be provided through the national window of government services

Another part of Zarepour’s explanation to reporters was related to the issue of connecting devices to the national window of smart government services. While pointing out that more than 95% of devices are connected to this window and 50% provide their services through this method, he announced the completion of this window by the end of this year:

“This year, the goal is to provide 100% of services in this way and to make 20% of government services smart. This will definitely reduce unnecessary travel by people, apart from benefits such as removing the golden signature and preserving people’s dignity.”

Another promise of the Minister of Communications was that by the end of the year, all villages with more than 20 households will be connected to the national information network.

We support localization

Issa Zarepour also emphasized the all-round support of the Ministry of Communications for localization projects and stated: “We are the supporter and promoter of domestic capacities in the field of hardware, software and platform. Every year, we announce the localization priorities in the field of information technology in the Ministry of Communications. This year, we have announced that we will support companies that invest in this field.”

According to him, in this regard, “in the information technology park and large factories that carry out production activities in Payam economic zone, we provide them with special facilities so that they can work for the localization of information technology products.”

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