Xperia 1 Mark 5 is likely to come with a dual selfie camera and a lower price than the Mark 4

If Sony adheres to the traditions of the last few years, in the coming months, with the arrival of 2023, it will unveil its newest flagship phone, the Xperia One Mark 5. Earlier we got some details about the camera of this phone, however, to the report Notebookcheckthe Sony Xperia 1 V camera has once again appeared in rumors.

A leaker on the Weibo social network says that the next generation of high-end Xperia One series phones will have more cameras on the front panel and fewer cameras on the back panel. It was previously said that the new Xperia One will have “very small holes” for selfie cameras on top of its display and inside the device’s bezel. Apparently, the increase in the number of front-facing cameras mentioned by the Weibo leaker points to the same thing.

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Meanwhile, the new rumor may refer to the use of a dual selfie camera with a conventional design in the Xperia 1 Mark 5. The current generation of Xperia One has a triple rear camera, and Sony may use two cameras with a higher resolution sensor in the new generation.

On the other hand, another whistleblower says that Sony will probably lower the price of its flagship phones in the new generation. This whistleblower says that “various factors” work hand in hand to help Sony set the final price of the Xperia 1 Mark 5 lower than the previous generation. The current generation Xperia One is available at a whopping $1,600. Phones of this series have generally been expensive devices.

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