Xiaomi’s smart bed was unveiled; Sleep warm on cold autumn nights

The Xiaomi smart bedspread is energy-efficient and consumes only 0.7 kWh of electricity every night. Other features of Xiaomi’s innovative product include protective levels against overheating, electric shock, and bacteria.

The Xiaomi bedspread will automatically turn off after 15 hours of inactivity, and it also has a child lock feature. In addition to being compatible with iPhone and Android phones, the Mijia smart bed has a CMIIT-based wireless radio transmission module.

The material of the Xiaomi electric blanket is made of 100% polyester fibers and this product is available in two sizes. The 0.35 liter water tank of this blanket has a compact design and works at a safe temperature.

This is not the only Xiaomi product in the field of home appliances; Because this company has been offering various products to the market for years. Xiaomi recently released the $96 dictionary pen and Xiaomi 12L 37 smart steam cleaner. Xiaomi always expands the Mijia product line with the aim of meeting the needs of different consumers.

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