Xiaomi will probably remove advertising banners and junkware in MIUI 14

Based on unconfirmed rumors, the UI Xiaomi’s MIUI 14, which is developed on the basis of the Android 13 operating system, will be available from November 19 (November 28). The release of MIUI 14 will probably coincide with the unveiling of a new series of Xiaomi phones (perhaps the Xiaomi 13 series).

Some time ago, some of the features of MIUI 14 were revealed and as such Notebookcheck He writes, the latest version of the user interface of Xiaomi phones also experiences a series of other important changes, changes that will definitely please the users.

It is said that MIUI 14, unlike the previous versions of the user interface of Xiaomi phones, will not contain ads. By placing advertisements on low-cost phones, Xiaomi was able to significantly increase its revenue growth. As unconfirmed reports say, MIUI 14 will not bring ads even to budget phones.

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Another interesting rumor is that MIUI 14 will be available without annoying default applications (known as bloatware). One of the constant criticisms of Xiaomi’s MIUI has been the large number of extraware in this user interface. Phones equipped with MIUI 14 will not have any other default applications apart from exclusive Xiaomi applications and Google applications.

Besides these, it is said that Xiaomi’s MIUI 14 improves the connection between the phone and the computer. In MIUI 14, some default applications such as clock, weather and calendar will see a series of changes.

Most likely, the Xiaomi Mi 11, Xiaomi 12, Redmi K40, Redmi K50, Poco F3 and Poco F4 series phones will be the first devices supported by MIUI 14.

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