Xiaomi Watch S2 against competitors; Which one will be the winner?

During its event yesterday, Xiaomi unveiled new products, which include the flagship series. Xiaomi 13, He named Buds 4 wireless headphones and finally Watch S2, which will replace its previous generation.

Now that the company’s long-awaited smartwatch has been unveiled and we know what features it offers, it’s time to compare the Xiaomi Watch S2 with its competitors from other companies to find out which one performs better.

To review and compare Xiaomi Watch S2, Galaxy Watch 5 and Apple Watch Series 8 in various sections such as design, display and capabilities, stay with Zoomit until the end of the article.

Design and display

As always, the design is the first part that we go to. We start with the newly introduced smart watch. Like its predecessor, Xiaomi S2 comes with a circular design, but this time two sizes of 42 and 46 mm are considered for it. Such an issue means that the mentioned product can better adapt to the user’s wrist. The new Xiaomi smart watch also has two rectangular physical buttons on its right side. Its stainless steel frame and sapphire glass can also show high resistance against shocks.

Xiaomi Watch S2 in blue color

For the 42 mm version of the Watch S2, a 1.32-inch screen is provided, and for the 46 mm model, a 1.43-inch screen. Both use an AMOLED panel with a resolution of 466 x 466 pixels. In addition, you can use it up to a depth of 5 meters because it has high resistance. Also, one cannot forget the sapphire glass used in it.

One of the interesting features of Xiaomi Watch S2 is its strap, which is made of silicone material compatible with the skin and can be easily used for long hours. Also, there are different colors for it that attract the opinion of every taste.

Now let’s go to the Samsung smart watch. Galaxy Watch 5 has 40 and 44 mm versions. Also, due to the use of sapphire crystal display, we see an increase in the durability of this product. This wearable gadget does not inherit the physical rotating frame of the previous products and instead uses a more delicate touch frame.

Left profile of Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

One of the main design changes of the Galaxy Watch 5 compared to its previous generation is the curved back panel. This bend makes the BioActive sensor better communicate with the skin of the wrist.

But Apple Watch Series 8 has not changed in size compared to the previous generation and it can be purchased in 41 and 45 mm versions. The new generation of the mentioned product has a large and bright Always-On display. Also, thin borders make the screen of the device closer to the edges.

Health related features

Health-related features can be considered one of the most important parts of today’s smartphones. In fact, they are what makes the big difference between regular and smart digital watches.

Xiaomi, Samsung and Apple products have also generally performed well in this area. Let’s check what features Xiaomi Watch S2, Galaxy Watch 5 and Apple Watch Series 8 have to offer in terms of health and wellness.

Xiaomi Watch S2 is equipped with a heart rate and SpO2 sensor. It also has a body composition assessment sensor that can check and measure data such as fat percentage, skeletal muscle mass, and protein volume. This information can be obtained by placing two fingers on the side buttons of the smart watch.

Also, the new Xiaomi smart watch can measure the temperature of the skin. This product has a sleep and stress tracker, a women’s menstrual cycle monitor, and breathing exercises. More than 100 sports modes are also supported by it.

Other health features offered by Xiaomi Watch S2 include “Running Evaluation”. The feature can not only analyze the user’s training status based on the professional algorithm, but also provide training suggestions and running performance index to help them improve their running ability and endurance.

The Galaxy Watch 5 series has an improved version of the BioActive sensor. The aforementioned ECG sensor enables heart rate monitoring and body composition analysis. Samsung says the improved sensor adds more advanced sleep tracking features to the Watch 5. Other health tracking features include measuring breathing, blood oxygen levels, snoring, sleep stages, and heart rate.

Apple Watch Series 8

If you remember, when the Apple Watch Series 8 was introduced, there was a lot of focus on the health-related features of this product. The Cupertino smart watch has two temperature detection sensors, one under the device and the other under the display. This Apple Watch can track temperature changes up to 0.1 degrees Celsius and check the user’s body temperature every five seconds. It is also said that tracking the body temperature during the night can improve the investigation Ovulation cycle help

In addition to all these things, the Apple 8 Series is equipped with a new motion sensor that can detect severe driving accidents. Similar to a service like OnStar, this feature can automatically connect your device to emergency services, provide your location, and notify your emergency contacts.

On the other hand, Apple Smart Watch’s Sleep app doesn’t just track your sleep time. Rather, it can provide the user with more detailed information, including the amount of deep sleep, REM and other things.

Finally, it should be said that you can easily take an ECG app on the Apple Watch Series 8. It is also impossible to ignore the ability to check blood oxygen of this product. The sensor and app in this smart watch allows you to measure your blood oxygen level. The Medications application also helps users to take their medications on time.

Other features

Xiaomi Watch S2 has built-in microphone and speaker for Bluetooth calling function. Also, its safety tracking feature can send the user’s location to predetermined audiences in times of danger. This product comes with a set of apps and supports GPS, Bluetooth 5.2 and NFC.

The 46mm model of the Xiaomi S2 uses a 500mAh battery and is claimed to last 12 days, while the 42mm model is powered by a 305mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 back view

Now let’s move on to other things offered by Galaxy Watch 5. Built-in GPS, optional LTE, Bluetooth 5.2 and Wi-Fi are among the things that can be found in the Galaxy Watch 5. In addition, this product has 5ATM and IP68 standards against dust and water. Other things added to it include temperature sensor, accelerometer, barometer, gyroscope sensor, geomagnetic sensor, light sensor.

The 40 and 44 mm versions of the Galaxy Watch 5 have batteries with a capacity of 284 and 410 mAh, respectively. In addition to adding larger batteries, Samsung has also improved charging speed. The company claims that its new generation smart watch chargers can charge the battery from zero to 45% in just 30 minutes.

The sensor on the back of Apple Watch Series 8

Now we go to the Cupertino products. Other features of Apple Watch Series 8 include support for international roaming, new watch faces, 18-hour battery life, and a new low-power mode. The crash detection feature of the Apple Watch Series 8 only works while driving, which preserves the device’s battery life. Also, the low consumption mode increases the battery life to 36 hours. The mentioned feature is also accessible in older watches (series 4 and newer) that use watchOS 9 operating system.

Also, it should be noted that enabling low-power mode will turn off the always-on display and automatic exercise tracking, but activity tracking and crash detection will still be enabled.

Price and color

As the last part of this article, as always, we have come to the important issue of price. In the following, you will find out how much you have to spend to buy each of the mentioned products.

The 42mm model of the Watch S2 will be available in black and gold color options, while the 46mm version will be available in black and silver. The price of the first model It starts at around $143 and the 46mm model starts at around $157.

Xiaomi Watch S2 in different colors and leather strap

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The Watch 5, on the other hand, starts at $279. You have to spend $50 more to buy LTE versions. The regular model is sold in graphite, sapphire and silver colors for the large 44 mm version and graphite, gold and silver colors for the small 40 mm version.

Finally, it should be said that Apple Watch Series 8 has two covers Aluminum and stainless steel and with four The main colors are midnight, starlight, silver and red. The Apple Watch Series 8 GPS and cellular models are available for $399 and $499, respectively.

Below you can see the list of specifications of all three products:

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