Xiaomi Sound Pro smart speaker with 360 degree playback capability was unveiled

Xiaomi finally held its delayed event today on December 11, 2022 (20 Dec 1401) and in addition to introducing Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro, it also unveiled other products, including the Xiaomi Sound Pro smart speaker, which is supposed to be compatible with other smart speakers in the market. to compete to report ZoomitXiaomi has designed the Sound Pro smart speaker in a cylindrical form. The upper part of the Sound Pro speaker is transparent, its lighting changes with the rhythm of the music and gives a beautiful effect to the speaker.

In fact, at the junction of the speaker grille with the transparent upper part of the speaker, LED lamps are installed that produce a galaxy light effect and cover the upper part of the device’s body. This light follows the rhythm of the music to create an attractive atmosphere. According to Xiaomi, the Sound Pro smart speaker has an intelligent understanding of the human body and creates a sense of leadership and intelligent lighting effects with a combination of audio-visual computer technology.

Xiaomi Sound Pro smart speaker

The Xiaomi smart speaker will be available in black color with support for SBC and AAC audio transmission protocols, 8 ohm impedance, and 3.5mm AUX port. Xiaomi claims that the sound output of the Sound Pro speaker is equal to the flagship speakers of other companies. Currently, this device is available to buyers in the Chinese market.

The Xiaomi Sound Pro speaker boasts a 7-unit circular acoustic configuration that has been upgraded compared to previous models. This speaker includes a three-unit speaker Full-range For clear and expressive sound and a three-unit speaker Passive Radiator And the custom subwoofer goes down for an unparalleled low-frequency experience.

In addition, the Xiaomi smart speaker is equipped with a large 40-watt woofer with a wide sound volume and can provide a shocking sound pressure of 91 dB. This 40-watt woofer with a diameter of 10 cm and a large amplitude of 16 mm provides powerful bass.

In fact, the large speaker has a high volume and the Four King Kongs low frequency unit immerses the depth of the 45 Hz frequency, and the performance of the bass hits becomes shocking, natural and energetic. In addition, the sound permeable fabric with the appropriate porosity ensures that loud sound is preserved with rich details.

Apart from excellent sound quality, the Sound Pro speaker covers a 360-degree sound field, which makes everyone in the environment hear uniform sound regardless of their distance from the speaker. In other words, the output sound of the speaker floats without a particle of noise and quality reduction in the surrounding environment.

Xiaomi Sound Pro smart speaker

Engineers have expertly adjusted and tuned the sound of the Xiaomi smart speaker using professional HARMAN AudioEFX software so that the output sound is expressive, balanced and pleasing to the ears. In addition, equal volume compensation at different volumes in the speaker is such that the sound is gradually optimized.

The ability to divide the frequency of the speaker also increases the dynamic space to separate the sound and improve it better. Voice matching is another feature that reduces the low frequency output so that a better natural sound can be heard from the singer. Also, Transient Optimization makes the sound clear and bright.

The Xiaomi Sound Pro speaker allows you to coordinate several speakers at the same time to be active in the same environment. For example, you can connect two speakers to a smart TV in stereo mode or turn 8 speakers into a home audio system. You can even disconnect one of them from the set and connect it to a laptop or tablet or phone or other desired devices in a moment and freely through the speaker application.

In addition, Xiaomi has used the second version of its creative technology called Computing Audio in the design of this speaker. This technology precisely adjusts the sound quality from input to output, evoking a live listening experience.

Also, the Nightingale algorithm has been upgraded to support the independent adjustment of sound effects and allow the user to choose the desired style from within the Xiaomi Speaker app. Needless to say, the Xiaomi smart speaker has also received the Excellent Hi-Fi Audio certificate.

Other features of the Xiaomi Sound Pro smart speaker include Bluetooth 5.1, AirPlay 2, voice command and NFC. For example, you can use the Xiaomi Miubo feature in MIUI to send songs to the Xiaomi Sound Pro speaker, and even start Miubo by bringing the phone close to the NFC speaker to transfer music between the phone and the speaker.

Also, the voice assistant can be efficient to control other smart devices in smart homes; Of course, these capabilities are related to the version introduced in China, and it is possible that some features will not be provided in the global version of the Xiaomi smart speaker.

Currently, enthusiasts can buy the Xiaomi smart speaker in the Chinese market with a base price of 999 Chinese Yuan (US$144); Of course, now this product comes with a 10% discount. Another important point about Xiaomi’s smart speaker is that it is not yet clear whether Xiaomi plans to launch it in markets outside of China.

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