Xiaomi says that using toothpaste on cracked phone screens is really harmful

There are various tricks that supposedly help smartphone users after their devices are damaged; For example Placing the phone in the rice is after immersing it in water. However, Xiaomi has debunked one of these old myths.

Before and after using toothpaste on a cracked screen

The Chinese tech giant shared a short video on YouTube to debunk the common misconception about using toothpaste to fix a scratched or cracked screen. Old rumors claimed that using toothpaste basically fills in the cracks in the screen and polishes the convex part of the screen back to being smooth and almost fine; But in the video, you can clearly see that there is no difference or improvement in the scratches of the tested phone.

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Instead, Xiaomi added that this old advice actually does more harm than good. The company stated that toothpaste is sometimes a polishing agent; But the tiny particles in it cannot effectively repair screen cracks. In addition, toothpaste actually has an alkaline property that may destroy the acid resistance of the oleophobic coating on top of the smartphone screen.

This layer is primarily used in smartphone screens to help keep out dust and fingerprints due to the oils secreted by the human body. Therefore, Xiaomi advised that to deal with such problems, it is better to refer to the official service departments.

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