Xiaomi plans to become the largest phone maker in the world in the next 3 years

By early 2021 (1400), Xiaomi had briefly surpassed Apple in total global shipments, becoming the world’s second-largest handset maker; The Chinese tech giant unveiled several new products of the brand on December 7, 1400, such as Xiaomi 12, MIUI 13 and Xiaomi Watch S1 series, and during the event, Lee Joon, CEO and founder of Xiaomi, in a statement of the company’s future plans. talked.

In addition, Xuomi’s senior vice president and general manager Lou Weibing outlined Xiaomi’s future goals in a similar statement in early November 2021 (December 1400). Weibing had announced that Xiaomi executives plan to become the world’s largest smartphone maker by 2024 (1403) and to achieve this goal, they will first focus on increasing their sales in the Chinese market.

Xiaomi plans to increase sales of its handsets to 30,000 in the next three years

Xiaomi’s senior vice president added that about 70% of smartphone sales in China are made through physical stores and offline, which is why Xiaomi intends to pay special attention to this area.

Weibing also said that since Xiaomi’s global goal is to go beyond a particular brand like Apple, it will not be a significant challenge for it and will focus on producing products that are competitive with all the top brands.

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Lee Joon’s remarks have now raised questions about how Xiaomi plans to achieve global dominance in the smartphone market; Because recently, this brand is in the third place in this market after Apple, and Samsung has a significant advantage over these two brands. Of course, given that Samsung’s position in Europe has recently weakened, Europe may be a good market for Xiaomi to get closer to its goal.

In addition to Europe, users dissatisfied with Huawei’s sanctions could also be a good option for the Chinese tech giant.

Do you think Xiaomi can overcome the challenges ahead and become the world’s top smartphone maker in the next three years?

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