Xiaomi 13 Pro will be released with an official water resistance certificate

Xiaomi 13 Pro will be officially introduced on December 20. This year, this phone will also be available in the new fantasy green color and will benefit from the updated camera design. Another interesting point about this product is that it will finally come with an official IP certificate. The company revealed in a video on Weibo that its next flagship will be water and dust resistant. In addition, the camera of the mentioned device can work in any environment and, for example, it will provide you with the possibility of shooting the starry night; A feature that does not exist in Xiaomi 12 Pro.

to report GSMArena, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) must approve the IP rating, otherwise a product cannot legally be advertised as water resistant. Xiaomi’s budget phones have an official IP53 rating, which means the device is somewhat protected against light dust and water splashes. We expect Xiaomi 13 Pro to be released with IP68 certification like the current flagship of this company, Xiaomi 12S Ultra, which means that it will be resistant to water and dust penetration even in harsher conditions.

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As mentioned, Xiaomi 13 Pro is also available in a new green color. Xiaomi is expected to release this phone in a special package along with Watch S2 smart watch and Buds 4 Pro headphones.

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