Xiaomi 12 and 12 Peru were unveiled

The Xiaomi 12 Series was without a doubt one of the most anticipated products of the year. There have been many rumors and rumors about the new Xiaomi family over the past few months, but now the wait is over and we can finally see the Xiaomi 12. The Xiaomi 12 Series has several members, including the Xiaomi 12, Xiaomi 12 Pro, Xiaomi 12 Ultra and Xiaomi 12X. Of course, in this article we focus on the first two options.

One of the key features of the Xiaomi 12 is its 6.26-inch screen size, which makes it the company’s first mass-produced flagship in recent years. However, the Pro version has decided to be the same as previous generations and has a standard screen size of 6.73 inches.

Xiaomi 12 uses the first generation Snapdragon 8 chip. Also, the front camera is located in the center of the screen. This device will come with a pre-installed MIUI 13 user interface.

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