World Cup 2022; Qatar transports spectators with a fleet of self-driving electric buses

With the end of the corona virus epidemic and its related quarantines, Qatar is fully prepared to host the biggest event in the world of football. Qatar paid special attention to the field of technology during the preparation and used new systems for air conditioning in the construction of its modern stadiums.

as Meshbal He writes, Qatar has significantly increased public transportation and plans to use smart bus stops and special tanks to provide cool water in its increasingly advanced smart cities.

Along with countries like the UAE and Saudi Arabia, Qatar has started testing self-driving electric vehicles in order to equip the futuristic spaces of its cities with smart transportation systems. The country has 1,100 electric buses that it uses to transport people during the World Cup.

A fleet of electric buses will transport football fans across Qatar. A network of 700 charging stations provide enough energy for electric buses. Qatar authorities are determined to use only electric buses to transport tourists to different areas. In an extensive program, Qatar plans to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Qatar’s plans are not limited here. Residents of this country are preparing for a future in which harmful gases do not play a role. Dozens of charging stations have been set up across Qatar to encourage people to buy electric cars. The government of Qatar is looking for cooperation with private companies to build charging stations in shopping malls and large parking lots.

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At the end of 2020, Qatar developed a new set of instructions for how to charge electric vehicles. One of Qatar’s plans is to use chargers based on direct current so that cars can get the energy they need to move in less than an hour. In 2019, Qatar began using self-driving electric cars made in China on a trial basis, and has also used similar self-driving cars for food delivery.

The city of Dubai, which is located in the neighborhood of Qatar, has built various charging stations and has been trying to increase people’s interest in electric cars with benefits such as free parking.

The 2022 World Cup will start on November 29 with the match between Qatar and Ecuador.

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