workers escape from the Apple iPhone assembly factory; The Chinese government called retired army personnel to the Zhengzhou factory

news agency iMore In a report quoted by SCMP, the authorities of the city of Changi in China have asked the retired personnel of the country’s army to work in the largest iPhone assembly factory. This factory, which operates in Zhengzhou, has faced a reduction in production volume, and its managers are trying to return production to a normal level.

The Chinese government has sent an open letter to retired military personnel to urge them to “respond to the government’s invitation,” informed sources said. The Chinese government has asked retired soldiers to “play a role in resuming production at the Foxconn factory.”

The SCMP report claims the recall of retired military personnel is part of a broader program China is relying on to recruit fresh workers for the Foxconn assembly line in the city of Zhengzhou. Reports say that tens of thousands of workers of this factory have fled the Zhengzhou factory due to the corona virus epidemic and the strict quarantine related to it. The images of these workers fleeing on foot were shared many times on social networks.

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news agency SCMP writes that the open letter addressed to retired Chinese soldiers has been removed from the WeChat platform without explanation. Knowledgeable sources say that the spread of reports about the disruption in the production line of the Zhengzhou factory gives Apple more incentive to move its production line out of China at a faster rate than before. Yesterday, it was said in an unofficial report that Apple wants to build another big factory in India.

Foxconn has 300,000 workers at its massive Zhengzhou factory. Most of Apple’s important products, including the new generation iPhones, are assembled in this factory. Apple said some time ago that the Zhengzhou factory is operating at a much lower capacity than usual, and the decrease in the activity of this factory will affect the production volume of the new generation iPhone Pro.

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