With the new Windows update, Microsoft destroyed one of Chrome’s features

In the latest Windows update, Microsoft has broken a feature of Google Chrome to make it harder to change the default browser. A new Windows update is constantly showing pop-ups to Chrome users and annoying them.

Windows update disrupts the functionality of one of the Chrome options (the world’s most popular web browser). The button in question allows Chrome users to change the system’s default browser with just one click.

Gizmodo In an exclusive report, he writes that the new Windows update is primarily aimed at enterprise users. For weeks now, enterprise users have been faced with the Settings screen (the default apps section) when they open Chrome. There is no way to prevent the settings screen from showing up unless you uninstall the update. The change in question forced Google to disable the Chrome button.

This strange part of the browser war started in 2022, when Google quietly added a new button to the Windows version of Chrome. This button appears at the top of the screen and allows you to change the default browser without opening the Windows Settings menu. For eight months, everything went according to Google’s plan, until the update KB5025221 It was published and the situation changed.

A number of IT managers have protested on Microsoft’s online forums. Also, a user on Reddit says that if Chrome is the default browser, every time you click on a link, the settings page will pop up. If you change the default browser to Edge, you will not see the settings page. Another group of users on Google’s online forums have questioned Microsoft’s policy.

Users who use the normal version of Windows, have not had much trouble. The Make Default option is completely disabled for these users. By changing the name, says Gizmodo The Chrome application on the Windows desktop has been able to bypass the problem and re-enable Make Default. Obviously, Microsoft has directly targeted the Chrome browser.

Mozilla Firefox also has a similar button that works without problems. The CEO of Mozilla says that this is not the first anti-competitive behavior of Microsoft in recent years. Firefox typically faces such limitations on Windows, he says.

Google Chrome has 66% of the browser market share and is the most popular browser in the world by a significant margin. A large number of Windows users are using Chrome, and Microsoft has put the users who are interested in using Chrome in trouble with its new action.

Earlier this year, Microsoft introduced large banner ads into Google Chrome’s search results page announcing “no need to change your default browser.” Microsoft also added Edge ads to Chrome’s download page.

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