With the new Android 14 beta, turn your phone into a computer webcam

It can be said that the feature of turning an Android phone into a webcam is inspired by iOS, and this feature is known as Continuity Camera in the Apple ecosystem; A feature that works wirelessly between iPhone and Mac.

As usual, the Android version of this feature is more flexible; Because it comes as a USB webcam, and as a result, it can be used on all computers with Windows, Linux, Chrome, and Mac operating systems. It is even possible to use the camera of the first device as a webcam of the second device by connecting the Android phone to another phone.

The camera of most smartphones is of better quality than the default webcam of a laptop; Therefore, you can use the new feature of Android to make better video calls. Of course, in this situation, you still need some kind of microphone; Because currently it is not possible to use the internal microphone of the Android phone and it is hoped that this feature will be provided in the stable versions of Android 14.

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