With Omniverse ACE from Nvidia, easily create interactive avatars based on artificial intelligence

Following the introduction of Omniverse ACE in September, the project was shared with Nvidia’s business partners to gather early feedback on how it works. The company is currently looking for partners to provide feedback on microservices and help improve the product as a result. In addition, the green team intends to overcome the limitations of creating interactive digital humans.

Nvidia’s Early Access Program for Omniverse ACE includes:

  • 3D animation microservice for personal avatars with Omniverse Audio2Face artificial intelligence and animating characters in Unreal Engine and other rendering tools or creating real animation of human faces, using only one audio file.
  • The 2D animation AI microservice called Live Portrait enables the animation of 2D portraits or human faces using live video input.
  • A text-to-speech microservice that uses Nvidia’s Riva TTS to synthesize natural-sounding speech from raw transcripts, without any additional information such as speech patterns or rhythms.

Users enrolled in the Omniverse ACE Early Access Program will also have access to tools, sample reference applications, and support resources.

Avatars are used throughout various industries

Omniverse ACE can help development teams easily create interactive and digital humanoids and use them to enhance the user experience across domains. Among the applications of this technology, the following can be mentioned:

  • Easy character animation with minimal expertise.
  • Deployability in the cloud means avatars can be used almost anywhere and can be used in restaurant kiosks, tablets or virtual reality headsets.
  • A collection of add-ons and games built on Nvidia’s Unified Computing Framework (UCF), which provides interoperability between the company’s artificial intelligence and other solutions and ensures advanced artificial intelligence that is suitable for different use cases.

Companies like Ready Player Me and Epic Games have already experimented with using Omniverser ACE to improve their AI avatars.

Omniverse ACE animation AI microservices support Ready Player Me 3D characters. This platform is actually used to create interactive avatars in the game.

Digital avatars are becoming an important part of our daily lives. Timo Toke, CEO and co-founder of Ready Player Me, says people use avatars in games, virtual events and social apps, and even as a way to enter the metaverse. Attention said in part of his explanation:

We spent seven years building our avatar system, and now developers can easily use it to create high-quality avatars in their apps and games, and users can create their own custom avatars to explore different worlds. Now teams will be able to bring these characters to life with Nvidia’s Omniverse ACE.Timo Toke

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