With increasing pressure on Meta, a source informed that Mark Zuckerberg may resign

Meta (the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp) has had a challenging decade and does not have a positive image among most tech industry fans. While the pressure on Mark Zuckerberg As much as possible, Wall Street analysts have started speculating about the future of Meta and especially the company’s CEO.

The publication The Leak which specifically focuses on breaking news, claims that Mark Zuckerberg has decided to resign in 2023. According to The Leak’s insider, Mark Zuckerberg’s resignation will not affect Meta’s plans for Metaverse. Meta has allocated billions of dollars to Metaverse and this is one of the factors that has led to a significant drop in the company’s income.

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Despite the opposition of shareholders, Mark Zuckerberg shows special attention to Metaverse, and according to him, Meta will increase investment in this area even more next year. Zuckerberg says the heavy investment will pay off in the long run, but analysts disagree.

The possibility of Mark Zuckerberg’s resignation has only been raised by The Leak, and no major media has supported this claim. Despite the denial of Mark Zuckerberg’s resignation by Meta’s spokesperson, such a claim is not unreasonable.

Following the possibility of Mark Zuckerberg’s resignation, the value of Meta stock rose by 1% for a short time.

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