Winter again in the spring of Iranian tourism

Also, in the first half of 1401 compared to the first half of 1400, the sales index of the room has grown more than 6 times and the number of reservations has grown more than 3 times.

While taking into account the tourism conditions in the fall, which is known as the Low Season among tourism companies, the Chamber envisioned a 5-fold growth in the sales index for the fall of 1401, but with the beginning of protests and filtering of social networks at the end of September and continuing until today, the industry Tourism and related companies also faced problems.

The social situation of Iran in the last 3 months, together with the internet outage, large-scale staff adjustment in various industries, increase in the dollar and gold rates, rampant inflation and also the unfavorable psychological atmosphere of the people in the current situation, increased the pressure on the tourism industry and caused the room to exceed the forecast. A 5-fold growth should face the reality of a 2-fold growth in the sales index. This low rate of growth is due to the very good growth of the chamber system in the year 1400 and the rapid growth trend of this company in the last 4 years, which was published in the report of the year 1400. Not good for the tourism industry.

The current report, which is a review of the last 4 years of the room system, begins with the estimation of the market of the accommodation rental industry in the world and Iran and informs about the large size of this market in Iran.

The market volume of 110 thousand billion rials in 1400 and the small 9% share of the online market of this industry in Iran compared to the world average and also the countries of the region, indicates the great potential of the online accommodation rental industry in Iran and shows that we are still ahead of the curve.

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