Windows 12 could be Microsoft’s big update in artificial intelligence

OpenAI and its artificial intelligence chatbot, called ChatGPT, have attracted the attention of many people in the technology community in the past months. This project has made news due to features such as providing complete answers to users’ requests on various topics, writing scientific articles and even coding. Microsoft has also confirmed that it is investing billions of dollars in OpenAI, a move that could benefit Windows be finished

According to sources familiar with Microsoft’s internal plans, the company is working on Windows 12. While Windows 11 continues to develop, a group of engineers from the Redmond technology giant are already busy developing the next big version of this operating system.

Apparently, Microsoft will introduce several big AI-based features in the development of Windows 12. We don’t know exactly how the company plans to use said technology in its desktop operating system. However, it is possible to take advantage of artificial intelligence in applications such as clock, calendar and email, images, etc.

Of course, Microsoft doesn’t want to wait until Windows 12 to introduce AI-based features, so we’ll likely see some AI features added to Windows 11 in the coming months.

For example, Microsoft could provide smarter camera and microphone features in Windows 11 using artificial intelligence. The company can use the said technology to automatically fade the background, correct the lighting and more. Likewise, Windows can filter out background light and increase the clarity of your original audio.

Panos Panay The chief product manager of Microsoft gave explanations about the future of Windows and artificial intelligence during AMD’s speech at the CES 2023 event. He said Windows will invest in artificial intelligence with several features, including improved audio and video features to make you look better on video calls.

Panos Panay Without going into detail about how AI will help Windows users, he told the audience that the technology will literally reinvent the way we do everything on Windows.

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