Windows 11’s Moment 3 update is likely to be released sooner than expected

In November 2022 (Aban 1401), news was published about the launch of the Moment 3 update development process for Windows 11 by Microsoft. At the time, traces of the upcoming update’s features were caught on Dev Channel builds. Moreover, it was at the same time that Microsoft entered the half-year period of Zinc development.

Now to the report Neowintest IDs on Giant Redmondi’s developer channel show that the suite has officially started updating Moment 3 and even Moment 4.

Until this moment, everything about Moment 3 was only circulating on Microsoft’s Dev channel; But, now things about it have spread to Microsoft’s Beta channel, which shows that the optimizations and features in the Moment 3 update are getting closer to the general release. For example, a Windows enthusiast user on Twitter with the username Xenohas mentioned builds 23141 and 23145 in the beta channel.

The new build numbers are believed to directly refer to Windows 11’s Moment 3 update. These were found on Microsoft’s Symbol server, which may indicate ongoing debugging and development efforts by the company.

Putting all the pieces of the puzzle together, such news seems quite logical, because earlier reports also indicated that Windows 11’s 22H2 update (Moment 3) is likely to be released in May of this year. Further reports also indicate that the Moment 4 update (Windows 11 version 23H2) will be available later this year (Fall 1402).

However, it’s important to understand that all of this is speculation until an official date is set by Microsoft.

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