Windows 11 will receive more widgets in the near future

Meta Messenger is the first third-party widget available to Windows 11 users. Of course, support for third-party widgets is currently only available to users who have installed the latest preview version of Windows 11.

The widget system was one of the important features that Microsoft mentioned when introducing Windows 11. However, so far only widgets for the company’s internal apps and services such as Bing, Windows Tips and GamePass ads are displayed in its panel. With the release of WinAppSDK 1.2 in November, the Redmond-based tech giant made it possible to release the widget to third-party developers as well.

The Meta Messenger Widget is currently in preview and is not stable. Of course, the introduction of this widget will likely be welcomed by Windows 11 users, and will provide an overview of what other developers can do.

written by ZDNetTo use Meta Messenger widget, users must install the latest version of this program on their computer through the Microsoft Store, and then select the + sign above the widgets section of Windows 11 to add the Messenger widget.

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