Will the Tesla Ilan Mask humanoid robot be built in 2022?

Ilan Mask August 2021 (August and September 1400) claims that Tesla intends to produce a humanoid robot with the aim of “eliminating dangerous, repetitive and tedious tasks” and that this robot will be able to respond to voice commands. At the time, Musk said the prototype of the Tesla humanoid robot would be unveiled in 2022. Now, New Scientist begs the question, can Tesla really live up to Ilan Mask’s promise?

Since the founding of Tesla in 2003, the electric car company has made significant strides and is now worth over $ 1 trillion. Tesla has sold more than half a million vehicles and launched a global network of more than 2,000 charging terminals for its electric vehicles. However, the company has also encountered some problems and delays in the supply of some products.

Earlier, Musk said that by 2020, one million taxis will enter the roads. He has long claimed, directly and indirectly, that Tesla cars will be fully self-driving in the near future. Tesla had planned to build an electric truck by 2020 and launch the Cyber ​​Truck by 2021. All of the above deadlines have expired or are coming to an end soon. Mask had previously admitted that he was not very punctual; But he insists that most of his predictions will eventually come true.

Tesla’s humanoid robot inside the company called Optimus (Optimus) is known to be 173 cm tall and weigh 57 kg and can carry 20 kg of cargo. At the time of the initial mention of Optimus, Ilan Musk said that most of the technology in Tesla cars could be used in anthropomorphic robots, and that these robots could have a very promising start thanks to these technologies.

Mask claims Tesla is “the world’s largest robotics company”; Because it builds cars that are like “semi-conscious robots on wheels.” Therefore, he believes it makes sense to bring automotive car technologies into the world of robots. Tetsuya Ogata, A member of Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan, says the robot engineering process is likely to go well; Otherwise, Tesla will not allow itself to make such big claims.

Ogata says Tesla’s humanoid robot will face not only problems with artificial intelligence, but also hardware problems; Because humanoid robots are much more complex than cars. “It is very difficult to build a robot that can do the same thing as a human hand,” he said. “Also, how to reproduce the senses, which makes it possible to achieve tactile feedback, is a big problem.”

Zhongyi Liاعضای A member of the University of California, Berkeley, he praises Tesla’s idea to build a humanoid robot. However, he believes the company’s deadline is “very ambitious”. Lee adds that Tesla finally achieves its goal of displaying a prototype; But it is likely to have problems bringing it to market. Zhongyu Li says Tesla’s clever engineers can build a prototype that can go a short way; But introducing humanoid robots into everyday life is a different matter.

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According to Lee, such robots require reliable hardware and advanced control algorithms to prevent the robot from falling or the robot can rise in the event of a fall. Also, the robot must have advanced systems to avoid collisions with obstacles. According to Lee, achieving such systems will take years.

Other analysts believe that the production of humanoid robots can be done with modern technology; But not in the way that the mask promises. Fluorine Rectifier, A member of the University of California, San Diego, points to the Boston Dynamics Atlas robot, which is capable of running, jumping and doing various things; But it uses a bulky body and a battery pack in the form of a backpack.

Richter says Tesla has a lot of work to do and that his goal is to “prototype” a prototype humanoid robot within a year; But the result will probably be significantly different from the final prototype. According to Richter, Tesla should build the humanoid robot in such a way that it can walk well on smooth surfaces; But other human activities require several years of research and innovation.

What do you think about Tesla’s plan to build a humanoid robot?

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