Will it be possible to reverse aging with just one pill?

Will it be possible to reverse aging with just one pill?


Many of us reluctantly accept aging as a part of life; But in a new study by scientists at Harvard Medical School, new chemical compounds have been identified that can rejuvenate cells and open the way to reverse the aging process. The recently proposed method is more accessible than gene therapy.

Quoted from New AtlasThe genome may contain all the data needed to make an organism; But that’s not all. On top of the genome is a layer of additional information called the “epigenome” that instructs different cells to express specific genes that are necessary for their function.

In other words, the genome is like a thick manual; Whereas the epigenome is a list of contents that, for example, refers heart cells to their job and brain cells to their chapter.

In 2006, a team of Japanese scientists discovered molecules called Yamanka factors that reprogram the epigenome to revert adult cells to stem cells. The Japanese scientists’ research won the Nobel Prize and fueled a flurry of research into induced pluripotent stem cells and anti-aging treatments.

The Harvard Medical School team had previously used gene therapy to deliver Yamanka factors to mice. This method was successful in resetting the epigenome and reversing the aging process. However, gene therapy can be difficult and costly for some patients. That’s why the new study focused on screening a group of chemicals that might work in the same way.


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