Will Elon Musk turn Twitter into the world’s largest financial service?

Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, says his social network is trying to become one of the most prominent companies in the financial services space. In an interview with the director of the financial company Morgan Stanley, he said: “I think it is possible to become the largest financial institution in the world by providing convenient payment options to people.”

Elon Musk says Twitter is looking to deliver a “powerful financial experience” that outperforms It is PayPal. In 2022, Musk said that one of his possible plans is to turn Twitter into a super application (an application that provides a variety of services in one place, something like WeChat in China).

It is unclear whether Twitter’s financial services will include cryptocurrencies. Musk has backed many cryptocurrencies so far. Various rumors say that Elon Musk uses technology Blockchain is interested in Twitter.

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