Will Apple Vision Pro be released in March this year?

Will Apple Vision Pro be released in March this year?

According to the statements Mark German In a special weekly BloombergApple initially prepared for the release of the Vision Pro headset in January 2024 (Day and Bahman 1402). The company is still preparing distribution plans for this product and conducting final testing of the device.

The iPhone and MacBook laptop maker has officially said that the Vision Pro will go on sale in the US early next year. Garman says it now expects the device to launch in March 2024.

Apple Vision Pro will be released in the US market first and then it will be available in other countries. Apple is expected to sell the device only in its retail stores or through its online store.

This headset will not be available in various stores; Because Apple wants to closely monitor the experience of using its new wearable platform. Apple’s dedicated retail stores must also stock hundreds of different models, such as different sizes of headbands and different lenses.

According to the release schedule, it seems that the software teams were ready for the unveiling of this product in January 2024 (Day and Bahman 1402). The latest VisionOS beta includes videos and content related to this product. These types of content are generally prepared at the end of the software development cycle.

Also, the current iOS 17.2 beta includes Vision Pro features such as AirPlay receiver and 3D video recording on iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Apple is expected to hold another press event in the spring before unveiling this product. This gives Apple another chance to introduce its $3,499 headset to customers and show off some apps and features that weren’t ready to be shown at WWDC in June 2024.

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