Widespread and permanent disruption of the global Internet in Mobinnet operator

NetBlocks wrote in a tweet that this action was taken at the same time as the restrictions and interruption of the Internet in Iran due to protests against the death of Mehsa Amini.

Mebinnet is one of the largest internet service operator companies in Iran that provides home wireless internet. This restriction is applied while mobile phone internet is down in Iran most of the day and night.

netblocks mobinnet

In recent days, several applications, including Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, App Store, Google Play, Skype, as well as Microsoft and Starlink sites, were unavailable to users inside Iran.

In an interview with Sedavasima, Interior Minister Vahidi had previously said about the blocking of these platforms by calling social networks “incendiary” and saying: “Some of these networks are incendiary and organize riots and cause sabotage.”

Also, Vahidi had added: “The rioters cause such restrictions to be imposed. Naturally, if the security and intelligence apparatus make sure that this is no longer the case, these restrictions will be lifted.”

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