Why is the hard drive not recognized during Windows installation?

  • If the hard drive is working properly, with the message “This device is working properly” you will encounter

After checking these steps, if the hard drive is physically fine, the BIOS will probably recognize the hard drive, and then you can proceed with the steps to fix the problem of not recognizing the hard drive when installing Windows.

Update or reinstall the controller driver

One of the available solutions to fix the “No driver found” error is to install or upgrade the driver. To download the storage controller driver, you need to find the type of storage controller (IDE, SCSI, SATA, etc.) that your system uses by checking the system specifications or going to the manufacturer’s website. Download it and transfer it to a USB flash drive or CD or other removable device.

In most cases, you need to unzip the downloaded file before copying. After doing this, restart Windows installation and click Load Driver on the “?Where you want to install Windows” page. Then, insert the desired USB that contains the driver into the computer and click OK.

Windows will search for the driver on all connected devices and then list all of them. Here you must select the driver according to your hard disk and press Next to continue the process.

Solving the problem of hard drive not being recognized in 11th generation Intel processors

To understand this issue more easily, in this section we teach how to install the driver on Intel processors.

  • In Intel processors, when you encounter the hard drive not being recognized error, you can install the driver manually; So in the first step, download Intel Rapid Storage Technology (IRST).
  • After downloading, right-click on the IRST zip file and select Extract All.

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