Why is it not a good decision to remove the physical buttons of the iPhone 15?

Even if we leave aside the issue of user experience, we cannot ignore the problems that may occur to the device. Most users use the side buttons to turn on and off their smartphone. Now let’s assume that the taptic engine of the iPhone has a problem and you need to restart the device. How do you do this with the integrated touch buttons now not working properly? Yes, the voice assistant can also be used when restarting the iPhone, but not many people are aware of this method.

In this article, we do not intend to blame the iPhone for innovation in design, but what is the reason that companies have moved to remove physical buttons? For example, Teslas don’t have physical buttons on the dashboard; Because everything is on the touch screen.

If we want to visit the world of cars and see what experience the removal of physical buttons has created for drivers, we will reach interesting results.

Not long ago, the results of a Swedish research group showed that removing all buttons in favor of large touch screens creates an unpleasant user experience for drivers. Eleven modern vehicles were present in this test, which were examined to perform tasks such as changing music and applying settings while driving at a speed of 110 km per hour.

Removing physical buttons and changing the design of protective frames

Phone cases can be considered as another concern about removing physical buttons. Many cases in the market have covers on the volume and power buttons. If Apple decides to include touch buttons in their device, the device cases will have to have cutouts in those areas and therefore not be adequately protected.

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