Why is it a bad idea to save your password in the browser?

Security experts often warn that browser-based password management tools lack the security and features of proprietary password management software. However, using password manager tools is better than memorizing different passwords. A new report from AhnLab ASEC proves that storing passwords in the browser will make the user extremely vulnerable to hackers; Even if you use unique passwords for each of your accounts.

Researchers at AhnLab ASEC, while investigating a recent breach of information, found that hackers had stolen company login information from a user’s browser. The hackers used a common malware called RedLine, which costs between $ 150 and $ 200, to recover login information. Antivirus software did not detect the malware, which may have been distributed via phishing emails.

Browsers such as Chrome Vodge use password management tools that are available to users by default. This tool logs all login attempts with relevant information such as date and time, website URL, and username or password you used. RedLine can access and interpret this data, which hackers may use or sell to other people.

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To prevent this vulnerability, you must completely disable your browser’s internal password management tools. While storing website login data, the browser also records other information such as the URL of that website, so hackers can use this information to log in to your account without permission.

As a result, we suggest disabling your browser’s internal password manager tool and using dedicated password management software. There are many free and paid options that you can easily use in browsers like Edge, Chrome or Firefox.

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