Why does the telegram code not come? Solving the problem of not receiving the Telegram code

In general, different platforms from Google user account to X user account (former Twitter) all send authentication codes to the user in different conditions, including by activating two-factor authentication. This code is separate from the validation code when creating a Telegram account; But it has the same mechanism.

For any reason, such as a disruption in the telecommunications network or a disruption in the Internet, or possible problems with Telegram servers, the process of receiving the Telegram validation code may have problems, which is beyond the power of users to solve such problems. However, there are some points that the user should follow in the process of solving the problem of not receiving the Telegram code.

Solving the problem of not receiving the Telegram code

Apart from trivial factors such as entering the wrong mobile number or not having an antenna and connecting to the operator’s telecommunication network, sometimes some users send many requests to receive the code with a short interval, which causes the code to be blocked for a while for that mobile number. This blocking of account login may take several hours.

In such a case, after 8 to 72 hours of waiting and then installing the Telegram program on a new device and requesting again to send the code can be a solution. This device must be a device from which you have not sent a request to receive a Telegram code.

Different methods of receiving Telegram code

1. Telegram message

The first method to receive the Telegram code when creating a new user account is through SMS or call. However, if you are logging into your Telegram account on another device, Telegram will first send the verification code to the same Telegram account via chat instead of SMS. In this case, Telegram will show a “Check your Telegram messages” message; In other words, check your Telegram messages.

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