Why do projects fail? The right way to manage a project with Mizito

Despite all efforts, many organizations find that large projects fail for a variety of reasons. Reasons such as:

  • Unspecified or optimistic goals
  • Insufficient data
  • Project time constraints
  • Lack of proper management and planning
  • And perhaps the most important of these is the lack of proper project management and control tools

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When it comes to large-scale projects, it should be borne in mind that 98% of projects face excessive costs or delays. Projected costs generally increase by up to 50%, and schedules are often delayed by several months.

So what is the difference between a costly and long-term project and one that is delivered on time and on budget?

In many cases, the answer is to benefit from one Project management software It is convenient.

For a deeper look, let’s start with the basic definitions.

What is a project?

Standard basis PMBOKA project is a temporary effort to produce a product, provide a service, or achieve a unique result.

According to the standard definition ICB A project is a performance limited by time and cost to achieve deliverable products or services defined based on quality standards and related requirements.

In simpler terms, a project is doing things in a limited time to achieve a specific output.

Now let’s move on to the second definition:

What is project management?

Project management is actually the creation of processes to achieve specific goals in a limited period of time. Numerous issues such as resource allocation, follow-up methods and monitoring strategies play a key role in this process . In other words, project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities in order to meet project requirements.

Simply put, project management is the effort to get a job done. For example, completing the construction of a simple example building is a successful project.

Project management itself includes five categories of processes, which are as follows:

  • Beginning
  • planning
  • Performance
  • Control
  • Complete or end

But for better project management we need controls, so we move on to the next definition.

What is project control?

Project control is the process of identifying potential problems in the project process, albeit at the right time

Project control includes the processes, tools, and skills used in projects to analyze costs and schedule data for timely project delivery at projected cost.

But what is the difference between project control and project management?

Project control and project management are not the same, in fact project control is a function of project management.

The key difference between a project manager and a project controller is that the project manager directs the work of the project team, while the project controller advises the team and the project manager on issues such as costs and plans. Therefore, the project controller can only act as a consultant.


But what makes project management and project control possible is the use of the right tools. A tool that allows you to have complete and complete control over the progress of the project. But we need to become more familiar with project management tools.

What are project management tools?

Project management tools help the project controller to check the status of progress based on accurate data and to check for possible deviations and inform the manager. The best project control tools are project management software that defines projects and cycles online and generates reports online at the same time.

An overview of project management tools

Although these tools are called project management tools, their use is not limited to project managers. These tools can be used to suit the needs of teams in different sizes and for different purposes.

Let’s get some featuresAnd features of project management tools Check the appropriate

  1. Ability to hold remote meetings

Multiple physical sessions will slow down a project. Skilled labor is currently fragmented, and managing it can be very problematic. With project management tools that feature online meetings, remote project management becomes easier because it helps managers effectively lead their teams.

  1. Ability to share files

Uploading files allows you to share the files your colleagues need and add them to your project documentation and conversations and keep them for a long time.

  1. Risk management and reducing the risk of deviation from project goals

A good project management tool with its graphic diagrams will warn you of the possible dangers of deviating from the project and will give the project manager the opportunity to make the right decision to improve the project process.

  1. Increase Productivity

Another major benefit of a project management tool is that it optimizes your decision-making process and improves productivity at work. Since all the important details can be found in one place, you can always make informed decisions in the shortest time.

  1. Better planning

Using tools such as project calendars and boards or other management tools make project planning much easier. This tool provides a simple and systematic approach to project planning that enables you to achieve your project goals.

  1. communication with clients

Project management tools are getting better every day. These applications now have features that allow customers to access project progress. Project management software creates a funnel (the same as sales funnel) to communicate tasks and projects both internally for the team and externally for your clients and other stakeholders. For example, you can keep the customer directly involved in all stages of the project so that they can continue to work with you with full awareness.

  1. You use your own social network

Remove parallel communication software from the company so that the internal communication of the organization is completely professional and in a space without borders. Proper project management tool is a tool that also allows you to secure internal communication. Conveniently chat with your coworkers and share your files.


Mizito as a Project management software Host over 26,000 teamsWork Is.

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