Why are we worried about the future of the mobile market? [تماشا کنید]

Why are we worried about the future of the mobile market? [تماشا کنید]


After the localization of cars, home appliances, etc., now the project of producing native phones is being carried out seriously. Participating companies in this project have started this project in different ways, and using the facilities provided by the Ministry of Communications, they are advancing this project so that they can build and market the promised one million devices by the end of this year.

Although there is basically no opposition to domestic production in any field, this action can be supported when, in the first step, it is explained about what this localization is, how it is done, and what is the purpose of localization, and in the second step, localization, as happened in the automobile and home appliance industry, does not end at the cost of eliminating competitors and destroying the competitive market.

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Unfortunately, the Iranian phone production project has not yet been explained in technical terms, nor has it been clarified about the purpose of doing this work and spending money and energy on it. The question is, what is the necessity of entering the field of mobile phone production, which is considered a specialized, costly and risky field?

Another question is how the technical and legal challenges related to the production of phones have been resolved, and considering the existence of international sanctions against Iran, do the security and technical issues of these phones threaten?

In this Zoomcast, we have discussed these and many other issues in the smartphone localization project. We have approached this project from various technical, security, economic, etc. angles and tried to explain why we are worried about the localization of mobile phones and what possibilities we see in the country’s mobile market.


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