Which cities are covered by optical fiber?

The latest statistics presented in the system of the National Fiber Optic Plan, which was last updated in April 1402, show that out of a total of 31 provinces of the country, for 25 provinces and a total of 266 cities, tasks have been set by the operators regarding fiber optic coverage, and the names of 10 operators have been mentioned. are committed to providing and developing this technology.

Among these 10 operators, eight of them have created optical fiber coverage in some of their respective cities, and two operators have not yet created this coverage and are taking the necessary measures to provide their services. One of these operators is Bana, which has committed to cover the cities of Central Province with optical fiber, but has not implemented this plan yet.

Irancell is another operator that has committed to cover a number of cities in 13 provinces, namely West Azerbaijan, Alborz, Bushehr, Tehran, Khuzestan, Zanjan, Semnan, Sistan and Baluchistan, Fars, Lorestan, Gilan and Hormozgan, but still This plan has not been implemented. Of course, Irancell signed the FTTx cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Communications later than other operators, and for this reason, it will implement its obligations later than others.

According to the published reports on the state of development of the national optical fiber plan, in this project, the provinces have been separated into different cities, and the creation and development of the optical fiber project of each province has been entrusted to one or more operators, according to its size.

Out of a total of 266 cities for which, based on the published information from the optical fiber development plan, the operator providing this service has been determined, in 54 cities optical fiber coverage has been carried out and this plan has been implemented for them, a list of them is provided in the following report.

Peshgaman, Sabant, Fenap Telecom and Raitel are also operators that have implemented optical fiber coverage in three cities. Iranian Net is also an operator that covered a city with optical fiber until April 1402.

In this report, Zomit intends to publish the development table of the national optical fiber plan for homes and businesses in accordance with the official report presented about this plan and update this table at the same time as new information is provided.

Write to us if your city is covered by optical fiber? If you use fiber optic internet, write us your experience with this technology.

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