Where to buy original hearing aid batteries?

People who use hearing aids know that the useful life of the hearing aid battery is very important, because hearing aids that consume a lot of energy need frequent battery replacement. As a result, a high-quality battery is a cost-effective investment.

For example, small batteries such as size 10 batteries are used to power invisible hearing aids because of their small size. Rivak hearing aid batteries for this invisible hearing aid also have a useful life of approximately 5 days, but if the hearing aid consumes a lot of energy, you will need to replace the battery every 3 days.

Guide to buying original hearing aid batteries

Hearing aid batteries are usually available at online hearing aid battery stores, pharmacies, electronics stores, etc. Many people are always concerned about choosing the best brand that offers quality items in addition to being famous. Despite the fact that many businesses now offer extensive advertising, consumer satisfaction with them is rapidly declining.

The hearing aid battery plays an important role in the functioning of the hearing aid. Therefore, it is better to buy hearing aid batteries from reputable stores. Rivaac hearing aid battery dealer is the ideal place to get Rivac batteries because you can order as many as you want.

Anaram online store in Tehran is one of the Raywak hearing aid battery sales companies, which guarantees that all products are procured from official, legal centers and main agencies.

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Types of hearing aid batteries

Before you can buy original hearing aid batteries, you should be familiar with the types of hearing aid batteries and their technical specifications.

Currently, different hearing aids in different sizes are sold in the market and each one has its own battery. Hearing aid batteries typically come in four sizes:

Hearing aid battery size 5 (red color)

Hearing aid battery size 10 (yellow color)

Hearing aid battery size 312 (brown color)

Hearing aid battery size 13 (orange color)

Hearing aid battery size 675 (blue color)

Few hearing aids use a size 5 battery, while most in-the-ear batteries have 312 hearing aid battery or are 13. Superpower hearing aids also use 675 size batteries.

You should note that each battery pack contains 6 or 8 batteries and all 4 sizes of hearing aid batteries are the same size. Battery size does not affect its price. For example, the price of Rivak hearing aid battery size 10 and Rivak hearing aid battery size 13 is the same. The only factor that can affect the price of a hearing aid battery is the technology used and the brand of the manufacturer.

The lifespan of hearing aid batteries

You may have a question, how long is the life of hearing aid batteries? It is necessary to know that different models and technologies have been used in the design and manufacture of hearing aid batteries, each of which has a different lifespan.

In fact, non-rechargeable hearing aid batteries can last anywhere from five to 14 days based on 16 hours of use per day. It depends on the size of the battery and the power required by the hearing aid. Typically, smaller batteries have a shorter battery life than larger batteries.

The average lifespan of hearing aid batteries is as follows:

Size 10 – three to seven days

Size 312 – three to ten days

Size 13 – six to fourteen days

Size 675 – nine to twenty days

If your hearing aid battery life is shorter than normal, your hearing aid may have a problem. In such cases, you should refer to your hearing aid manual or contact your hearing care professional to make sure everything is working properly.

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