“Where Children Sleep”; A thought-provoking collection of children’s sleeping places around the world

“Where Children Sleep” is a picture book that James Mollison (James Mollison) has recorded children around the world and their bedrooms. This book, which was first published in 2010, shows the different living conditions and environments in places such as the United States of America, Mexico, Brazil, England, Italy, the West Bank, Kenya, Senegal, Nepal, China and India. The said project deals with the vast differences between the situation and life conditions of each child, such as Kaya In Tokyo, where his mother spends $1,000 a month on his clothes, Bilal The son of a Bedouin shepherd who sleeps outside next to his father’s goats and IndiraA Nepalese girl who has been working in a granite quarry since she was 3 years old.

James Mollison offers his audience a glimpse into the lives of children in different situations globally and allows them to think about the inequalities that exist.

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