WhatsApp Update; Temporary group messages and more privacy settings

The past year has seen many ups and downs for WhatsApp, and the company, owned by Metavars, has attended numerous lawsuits and lawsuits over user security. In addition, the best messaging apps, including WhatsApp, last year introduced the main feature of sending temporary and spontaneously deleted private messages to increase user security. Recently, developers in the new update of their application provided more options for sending temporary messages on WhatsApp.

With the release of the update, WhatsApp stated in a statement that users can now enable the ability to send deleted messages by default. By turning on this feature, the sent messages will definitely be deleted at the end of the display period.

In addition, there is another change in the WhatsApp update that allows users to customize their temporary messages at 24-hour or 90-day intervals; Whereas before, temporary deletion of temporary messages was done only after 7 days; As a result, users now have three advanced time options.

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WhatsApp has tried to increase the level of privacy and add the feature of temporary messages to group chats; Therefore, all auto-delete message options in this section are also configurable. The company description confirms that these features are not automatically enabled on pre-made group chats, and users must manually turn it on from group chat settings.

These changes were designed solely to focus on increasing the privacy of WhatsApp users, and the company’s efforts to meet the needs of cyberspace users to increase privacy with features such as sending temporary individual and group messages or sharing photos and videos once displayed. To access the settings of WhatsApp temporary messages, you can select the “Default Message Timer” option in the Privacy section of the settings.

What do you think about sending temporary messages in group conversations?

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