WhatsApp provided the ability to replay voice messages before sending

Voice messages are much simpler than text messages and convey the user’s message faster and more easily. These messages have no time limit on the WhatsApp platform, and the user can view and listen to them in addition to changing their listening speed. According to gsmarena, WhatsApp introduced the ability to listen to voice messages before sending on Tuesday, December 14, 2021 (December 23, 1400).

All you have to do is press and hold the microphone icon to record the voice message. Then, slide your finger up to engage the recording mode without interference. Then touch the stop button and select the play option to hear your recorded message before sending. If you are satisfied with the recorded sound, send a voice message and that’s it.

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It is very easy for users to use the voice message playback feature before sending WhatsApp. The other two meta messaging platforms (Facebook and Instagram) are not yet equipped with this feature.

This feature will soon be available to all users of Android and iOS phones; But the release time may be different for different phones.

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