WhatsApp may have been removed from your account on related devices due to security fixes

WhatsApp has recently enabled multi-device support for a large number of its users. Multi-device support is a feature that many WhatsApp users have requested and eventually made widely available. However, you still can not use it on two different smartphones. If you’ve used this feature and connected multiple devices to your WhatsApp account, a new update may automatically remove these messengers from your connected devices.

According to xda-developers, WhatsApp is currently offering an update that includes security fixes to properly sync users’ related devices. You may sign out of your connected devices as part of this update. This update fixes some issues where conversations on connected devices were sometimes not synced properly. There were cases where a specific conversation was not updated on any of the related devices; This means that if you have started a conversation on your phone, you will not be able to continue on your computer due to sync issues.

WhatsApp Update

As mentioned earlier, you may be disconnected from connected devices after installing the update. But you can easily re-enter the device by scanning the QR code, just like before. Currently, the beta version of WhatsApp Android has been modified

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But WABetaInfo Believes that these changes in the version iOS Is also being tested.

To find out if you have logged out of other devices, just open WhatsApp on your smartphone and go to the linked devices tab go. If you see that connected devices are displayed as usual, it means that you are not logged out and you may not have received the update yet. If you see a message at the top of the screen saying “Your devices have been logged out due to an unexpected problem”, you need to reconnect your devices.

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