WhatsApp launches digital currency-based payments on trial in US

The WhatsApp social networking platform has launched a pilot program to send and receive money through digital currencies in the United States. This feature is currently restricted to some US users. The WhatsApp Trial app allows selected users to send or receive digital currencies through the platform’s chats. WhatsApp has implemented this feature in collaboration with Novi. Novi is the company that has already successfully launched the Meta Digital Wallet for Pax Dollars.


According to Gizmochana, WhatsApp and Novi in ​​a joint announcement introduced their cryptocurrency payment solution. Novi states that sending and receiving money on WhatsApp should be as simple as sending a file. This new feature is available by tapping the clip icon on Android or the + icon on iOS. To use this tool, users must select the payment option from the menu that appears. Users will not pay any additional fees for sending and receiving money, according to details published about this test feature on the Novi website. In addition, there is no limit to the number of transactions and individuals will not have to pay extra to maintain their Novi account balance. Users can also freely receive cryptocurrencies in the form of Fiat currencies in their bank accounts.

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The pilot program was originally intended for the United States and Guatemala. Of course, it is clear that users can only use Novi standalone software to process their cryptographic payments. If the test is successful in the US, many users will likely sign up for the Novi service. The WhatsApp payment platform is covered by the app’s global cryptography and is available in English and Spanish. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. It is worth mentioning that the ability to send and receive traditional currencies has been offered on WhatsApp for some time in some jurisdictions, including Brazil and India.

Of course, adding cryptographic payments to WhatsApp is a huge step by these social messengers. It remains to be seen what effect the addition of this feature to WhatsApp will have on the use of digital currencies by users of this platform.

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