WhatsApp and iMessage provide the most information to the FBI

Most smartphone users are present on various social media platforms and work on them on a daily basis. In the meantime, there are certain apps that are designed for messaging only. While these apps may sometimes contain sensitive information that the user wants to keep private, a document has been leaked showing that the two major messengers, WhatsApp and iMessage, share some information with FBI.

According to Gizmocchina, a document from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), a government agency based on intelligence and internal security in the United States, has been leaked, indicating that some user information is being made available to the organization. This document shows WhatsApp and iMessage Apple provides the largest amount of information to this government service. It should be noted that The FBI can legally access some of the messengers’ information.

According to the document, WhatsApp, Line and iMessage have all provided a “limited” amount of user’s message content based on AFBI’s legal request. While these platforms willingly provided “some” data, others, such as Signal, Telegram, Threema, Viber, WeChat, and Wickr, did not disclose any message content. WhatsApp and iMessage shared data does not end there, and it turns out that the content of the “limited” message is not as harmless as it seems.

FBI leaked document

The popular Android messenger app only shares “subscribers’ basic records”; But Afibiya You can also access WhatsApp users’ phonebook by holding a court search warrant. Even this ruling can allow the organization to receive the source and destination of the messages from WhatsApp every 15 minutes. Of course, the last point about the content of the messages is not true.

Do you use your iPhone and back up your WhatsApp messages in iCloud? If so, AFBI can also access the actual content of your message; Because in the event of a legal order, Apple will have to encrypt the iCloud key At the disposal of the said organization.

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iMessage as well Basic information of subscribers with a legal inspection order for 25 days Offers. Not to mention that if the user has backed up their WhatsApp in iCloud, AFBI can easily check the content of the messages with an inspection order.

As mentioned earlier, Telegram and Signal impose more restrictions on the provision of user information to AFBI. In the meantime, it is claimed that Telegram does not make the content of the message and contact information of the users available to the mentioned organization at all. However, the document is ambiguous Confirms Telegram “may” addresses Provide authorities with IP and telephone numbers for “verified” terrorist investigations. The signal also does not reveal the content of the message; But it provides the date and time of registration of the user in the service and the last date of its connection to the platform.

Most of the information obtained from the leaked document is not new; But now users can better decide which messengers to use. This will be important for people like journalists who sometimes have access to important information.

Does this news make you think about using your messenger apps again?

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