What would happen if the speed of sound was as fast as the speed of light?

Suppose in rainy weather a sudden glow appears in the sky; But you hear it four seconds later. Unlike light, which travels at a speed of 300,000 kilometers per second, sound waves are slightly sluggish and travel at a speed of only 0.3 kilometers per second. For this reason, you first see lightning and then hear its sound; But what happens if the speed of light increases by a million times or becomes as fast as the speed of light?

Sound waves are made up of particles that usually collide with each other; Hence, different areas with low and high density are created in the wave. Take the slinky spring toy, for example. When the toy moves, the spring compresses and accelerates again. Sound waves have a similar function. The change in density at low speeds is not noticeable; But at the speed of light the story will be different. George GolinSays a professor of physics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

What happens if in very humid weather and during a thunderstorm, sound waves reach you very quickly and then develop rapidly and the pressure drops significantly? Because the pressure is proportional to the temperature, a sudden drop in air pressure after the sky roars causes the humid air to freeze. As a result, you will see a thunderbolt in a dense haze of ice crystals.

Very fast sound speed can completely change the sound of the world. In such a situation, the sounds seem very strange. For example, when you speak, the vocal cords oscillate at different frequencies to produce sound waves, which are transmitted to the larynx or vocal cords. In the larynx of these waves, the frequencies are combined to produce larger waves, resulting in a louder sound.

However, not all frequencies combined are the same. Some of them are very perfectly synchronized; While others interfere with each other and produce lower sounds. If the sound moves faster in the air, the way the waves combine will also be different, and much lower and lower sounds may be produced. Frequency in sound waves is synonymous with step; As a result, you may hear very strange sounds.

To better understand this, suppose your voice changes after a deep breath from a helium balloon. Just like Mickey Mouse. This is because the speed of sound waves in helium triples, except that we are talking about sound speeds that are a million times faster.

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It can destroy an orchestra of music if the speed of sound increases suddenly. When the sound oscillates inside the empty space of a wind instrument or trumpet, it produces a standing wave. These standing waves act like heavy ropes attached to walls in a club, and when a person shakes them fast enough, the waves oscillate along the rope unnoticed.

The faster you shake the rope, the higher the number of waves or, better yet, their frequency. Similarly, when the speed of sound waves produced by wind instruments increases, very high-pitched sounds are produced that are not audible to humans.

However, humans do not survive these spectral changes. If the speed of sound is equal to the speed of light, even a simple blow on the flute can cause all the surrounding objects and creatures to explode. Light travels in a spectrum of electromagnetic waves that are not made of matter; But sound waves are mechanical and are made up of particles that constantly collide with each other.

A molecule that travels at the speed of light has infinite energy; As a result, if it hits any particle, it will explode, creating matter and antimatter particles. Antimatter is formed in very fast collisions and has properties opposite to matter.

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