What words did the people of Iran search for in the past year?

On the 6th of February, corresponding to the 17th of Bahman, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 shook the center and south of Turkey and the north and west of Syria, causing terrible death and destruction, and caused the only term in this list that is related to foreign events to be the earthquake in Turkey. The term “Turkey earthquake” as the sixth most searched term in Iran is related to the dimensions and destruction of this earthquake. This earthquake occurred at 4:17 am local time and when people were sleeping, and the deaths and damage of this earthquake became more terrifying. The latest statistics indicated that more than 45,000 people were killed in this earthquake.

The seventh term of this list is related to the game industry. “Mehdi Bizixer” is a streamer whose name appears in this list and his page on the Aparat platform shows the popularity of his gaming videos.

In this list, the eighth search position is related to the term “calendar 1401”.

The name “Lorestani city” is the ninth place in this list. The former name of the actor who announced his gender adjustment on his Instagram page in July 1401, made his gender identity public and chose the name Maziar. A topic that became news in the cyberspace and many people searched his name on Google.

People’s protests that started at the end of Shahrivar 1401 soon became an important issue for the people of the country and its various aspects affected the lives of many people. An event that led to many changes in society and made the word “protests” the tenth most searched word in this list in 1401.

The events that took place following these protests marked another part of the sought-after phrases of the last year. The search for a filter breaker, internal messengers and one of the media covering the protests were ranked next in the most searched list.

With restrictions imposed on foreign messengers and social networks under the pretext of protests, it is no wonder that the term “Rubika Web” is the 11th most searched term. After that, the 12th, 14th and 15th positions were “Strong Filter Breaker”, “Filter Breaker” and “Download Filter Breaker”, respectively, which shows the intensity of filtering and the increase of Internet restrictions in the past year.

The 13th most searched phrase was “motor avalanche”. One of the car sales companies that announced the pre-sale conditions of its products last year.

“Iran International” was also affected by the news reflected on the protests in this media, it was the 16th most searched term in Iran last year.

The year 1401 was also associated with high inflation and price increases day by day and even hour by hour of currency and gold. The phrase “today’s coin price” as the 17th most searched phrase also shows people’s constant concern about the high price and getting poorer day by day.

The 18th position of this list with the phrase “Iran Khodro Lottery Results” is again related to car sales. The 19th phrase is dedicated to one of the most popular sites for downloading movies and series, “Digi Movies”.

Last year, many people searched for “tomorrow’s weather conditions” looking for a source of information about weather and climate changes, which made the last term in the list of the 20 most searched Google terms in Iran to be related to weather.

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