What were the dinosaurs? An overview of the reign of the largest creatures on earth

Interesting facts about dinosaurs

Contrary to popular belief, not all prehistoric creatures were giant dinosaurs or, contrary to popular culture depictions, dinosaurs had feathers and used them for various purposes. In this section, we mention some interesting facts about dinosaurs that you have rarely heard.

Pterosaurs are not dinosaurs

Many amazing animals lived during the age of dinosaurs and some of them are confused with dinosaurs. One of the most common misconceptions is placing pterosaurs in the dinosaur group; But these animals are not dinosaurs. Rather, they belong to the category of winged reptiles and archosaurs. In fact, they can be considered relatives of dinosaurs, but they are not dinosaurs.

Also, the order Crocodylia includes extinct crocodiles, current crocodiles and their close relatives. Crocodilians are archosaurs but not dinosaurs. Today’s crocodiles and birds (which are dinosaurs) are the only survivors of the archosaurs.

The oceans of the Mesozoic Era were full of marine life, including predatory reptiles such as mosasaurs, plesiosaurs, and ichthyosaurs. However, none of these reptiles are dinosaurs.

Did dinosaurs have feathers?

The body of some dinosaurs was covered with feathers like today’s birds. Feathers do not fossilize well, however, some prominent fossils, especially from Liaoning Province, China, which were buried in the remains of a volcanic eruption, have preserved feathers. Feathered species include: Zhenyuanlong suni, Yutyrannus huali and Jianianhualong tengi.

It is not clear why dinosaurs had feathers, but feathers were probably used for the following purposes: insulation to keep dinosaurs and their eggs warm, and to communicate between dinosaurs, including mating. At first, it was thought that only theropods and their descendants had feathers, but researchers discovered tiny feathers on herbivorous bird-eating dinosaurs such as Kulindadromeus zabiakalicus, which shows that feathers were much more widespread than previously thought.

It is also possible that pterosaurs also had feathers, but more feathered species need to be analyzed to confirm this finding. Even the T-Rex had feathers. However, in popular culture and in illustrations and films, dinosaurs are rarely depicted with feathers. Although these mistakes in The movie “Jurassic World; “territory” were modified and dinosaurs were represented by feathers.

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