What parts will we need to assemble a computer?

Computer Case: The last piece of hardware necessary to assemble a computer is to buy a suitable case that houses all the other parts and provides the necessary air flow for the cooling system with holes and fans installed on it.

In addition, an important part of the visual beauty of the computer is due to the attractive design of the case, which apart from basic issues such as air flow, can have lighting and an attractive glass or metal body.

otherThe parts listed above are essential components for assembling a computer; But other components you need to use a computer include a monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc.

  • monitor: To see the graphic output and use different programs, you should also get a monitor, because without a monitor, the computer case will only be a useless metal or glass box full of expensive parts.

Buying a computer monitor also has its own points and they are available in the market with different features and different prices. For example, currently, it is recommended to get monitors that have at least a 120Hz refresh rate to enjoy video games.

  • Mouse: Another essential accessory for a computer is a mouse, although the computer can still be used using the keyboard and shortcut commands; But having a mouse will make many processes easier.

For example, if you are assembling a gaming computer, there is a wide range of mouse types that you can buy according to your needs. But, if the computer you are running is for home use, you may not need to choose such a mouse.

Also, people who do graphic design may need to buy a special design of mouse with better ergonomics and more sensitivity.

  • keyboard: Another complementary part is buying keyboard accessories, which have different types like mouse. From small types to those that allow for multi-key customization.
  • Voice: Listening to music, watching movies and most importantly playing games without sound is not possible. Therefore, you should think about buying suitable headphones or speakers, or even both, so that you can use headphones while playing games and speakers while watching movies.

Ultimately, you need a lot of knowledge to assemble a computer in addition to parts, because you can’t buy whatever parts you want at random or, say, market price, and pile them together thinking you’re going to make the best possible system.

Computer parts must be compatible with each other, for this purpose you can by visiting the website pcpartpicker.comSimulate the system you want. The use of this website is to check the compatibility of selected parts; Therefore, if there is a possible problem, it will remind you before purchasing the part.

Another thing that should be considered in assembling a computer is to have taste and creativity in using the space of the case, don’t forget that assembling a computer is a specialized matter and placing parts in the wrong place overshadows their efficiency.

Therefore, try to gain a lot of experience and approach this as a professional process. For example, one of the challenges of assembling a computer is the management of the wires inside the case, because in addition to it, it should be in such a way that it does not disturb the air flow, so that if you need to remove one part, you need to remove several other parts.

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