What is the workspace like on Facebook? Introducing the city of Facebook employees

since Mark Zuckerberg Started his small business in a Harvard dormitory, Facebook has changed its location several times and has been in residential areas for a short time each time. The rapid growth of Facebook in recent years has led to the construction of new buildings and offices one after another, and one of the side effects of this issue has been further progress in different parts and areas of the region.

At present, the Facebook campus, located in the affluent Palo Alto area, does not take up much space, and all of it is built for the well-being of those who need more work space. In addition to a space that resembles a can, Facebook’s headquarters was designed to create open space and use natural light to increase creativity and a sense of collaboration and positive thinking among people.

Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, known as the MPK Campus and attached to the wealthy banks of the San Francisco Bay Area, is thousands of square feet and consists of three separate sections, the fourth of which will be launched soon. Watch this video from Zomit to learn more about it.

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What do Zomit users think about Facebook workspace?

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